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The most important asset in today’s business environment is information, and the communication of information in an effective way increases business productivity. Therefore, companies tend to implement the most recent technologies in the field of collaboration to ensure a smooth communication with employees and partners.

The implementation of this solution has a number of advantages for the companies that work at the multinational level, but also at the local:
  • Effective and instant communication
  • Saved time for travelling
  • Reduced costs for business trips
  • Recorded interactions and content respectively
Currently, DAAC System Integrator is the only company in Moldova that has the skills and necessary experience in implementing projects in the field of videoconferencing, IP-telephony and congress systems, having in its portfolio solutions of different price categories.


Video Conference, Telepresence, Streaming Videoconferencing is an effective modality of distance communication which enjoys a growing popularity. Thus, two or more participants physically separated by distance can communicate verbally and visually and can perform their activity (exchange data) in a manner very similar to that of a traditional meeting. The interaction takes place at a very high quality level, which means that between video and sound there are no delays.

An advanced solution is telepresence, which is a set of technologies that gives the participants a sense of real presence.

Also, DAAC System Integrator provides streaming solutions, our advantage comparing to other common tools being the very high quality of the image and sound, as well as the extent possibility to manage and to process the recorded data.

Besides the classical objectives of collaboration, the solutions can be used for instruction, training and facilitating the exchange of experience.
IP Telephony, Voice Networks IP telephony is characterized by converting voice into data packages that are transmitted through IP networks form source to destination, where they are put back in their original order and converted back into acoustic signals. The main advantage of the VoIP in comparison to traditional telephony is the reduced price, due to the fact, that it uses IP network. The user can use the VoIP service wherever he connects to the internet. Other benefits of IP telephony are:
  • Very low cost calls in comparison to classical telephony (20-70% cheaper) at the international level
  • Free calls within the network
  • The distance between the speakers is not in any way affecting the price
  • The quality is not affected by distance
  • Unlimited simultaneous calls
  • Possibility of portability
  • Integration with IT systems
  • Encryption of transmitted data.
The audio conference systems enjoy a high popularity, allowing a very qualitative transmission of sound during meetings between two or more groups of persons distributed geographically. The price of these solutions is totally accessible, in most of cases being justified from the first use.

DAAC System Integrator has implemented a number of projects for IP telephony and voice networks, including the largest project in Moldova, at a commercial bank.
Congress Systems Regardless of whether an event gathers only a few participants in a small room or a few dozen of people in a spacious hall, sending a message requires professional equipment. Implementing congress systems facilitates the interactions in the context of a conference or a meeting, thus facilitating also the information transmission, gathering feedback, action planning and data collection by involving audience participation.

Congress systems are used for various purposes:
  • To enable the participation of all the persons present at the event (including voting)
  • For simultaneous or consecutive translation
  • For collecting and analyzing data
Thus, the congress systems allow people to interact effectively whether it is an informal meeting or a multi-lingual conference with thousands of delegates.

DAAC System Integrator has experience in implementing projects from ten up to several hundreds of participants.
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Serviciul Stare Civilă
Ministerul Tehnologiei Informaţiei şi Comunicaţiilor
Ministerul Sănătăţii
Centrul PAS
Guvernul Republicii Moldova
Curtea Supremă de Justiţie
The equipment of three conference halls for a hotel complex
Telemedicine project (based on videoconference system)
The opening of two training rooms within the General Inspectorate of Police
Equipment of conference room for municipal councilors of Chisinau city administration
Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager BE6000 - Electronic Communications Networks and Corporate Communication Unification Platform