Service Desk In order to provide services at the highest level, within the Department of Technical Services we use the automated service of technical support (ServiceDesk), which is based on the standards IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and quality management of IT Services (It Service Management - ITSM). Worldwide-recognized ITIL methodology of constructing the technical support services describes the best practical methods for the organization of work and the interaction of IT departments of the company.
Advantages of the solutions based on ITIL/ITSM:
  • The delivery of IT services becomes more customer oriented, the SLAs enable the improvement of interactions
  • The services are better described, in the language of the customer and with the necessary details
  • The quality and the cost of services are better controlled
  • The interaction between the customer and the supplier improves
The implemented ServiceDesk in our company fulfils the functions of reception and processing of requests, incidents, service requests, complaints, changing requests, as well as their subsequent analysis and interpretation.

Advantages of ServiceDesk:
  • Single point of entry for customers – all the requests are received on a single multiline phone or to a single e-mail
  • Simplification of the restoration of normal operations to provide services with minimal damage to customers within the agreed services level and business priorities   
Every request filed through ServiceDesk goes through the following steps:
  1. Receiving the request, the first interaction line with the customers
  2. Registration of the incident or of the service request
  3. Carrying out an initial assessment of the request, an attempt to solve it or determine who is able to solve it
  4. Appointment of an engineer who is responsible for solving the problem
  5. The identification of the problem
  6. Solution
  7. Determining the need for customer training
  8. Closing the incident and notify the customer
The customers are informed about the status and process of their request at all stages whenever the status changes during processing since the application and to its closing.