AIS Taxpayer current account

  • Project description

  • Provided services

  • Applied technologies

AIS "Taxpayer current account" is a software solution that allows online access to information on tax liabilities of the taxpayer, and check the current status of all arrears or overpayment to the national budget. The fiscal situation can be viewed on various budget classifications in various divisions of the company, historical balances and increase decoding delay calculation.

AIS "Taxpayer current account" is designed for the following purposes:
  • Provide access to information on tax liabilities of the taxpayer;
  • Unify the existing record systems in a single centralized basis;
  • Ensure that effective management and analysis of data processed;
  • Provide informational interaction with other state information resources;
  • Provide access to the centralized database directly from the workplaces of authorized users.
The main emphases of the system are placed on integration with external information resources and electronic services, which would allow increasing customer interaction with client’s staff for obtaining information on the fulfillment of obligations to the budget.
The project included delivery services, installation, operative acceptance and technical support for the implemented information complex, including:
  • Specifications development;
  • Development and installation of IS;
  • Adaptation of IS (customization and application development, components integration, data migration from previous IS);
  • Configuration of the Central Data Center (installation and testing);
  • Training users and administrators, more than 200 persons;
  • Ensuring maintenance through Call-Center.
Microsoft SQL Server 2012