“Video and audio conference – a new stage in business development”

On Wednesday, the 14 November 2012, took place the conference “Video and audio conference – a new stage in business development”, organized by DAAC System Integrator in collaboration with Microsoft and Polycom, its partners in Moldova.          

The proposed goal for this event was the presentation of future trends in the development of audio and video conference systems. In order to model the future, experts from Microsoft and Polycom have talked about prospects for integrated solutions, demonstrating their effectiveness in practical use.

The participants had the opportunity to test in real time the equipment for audio and video conference Polycom integrated with the platform Microsoft Lync. CX300 and CX600 phones were available for testing in HD and the connection with Polycom office in Timisoara showed the high image quality offered by the CX700 system.

The main message sent to the guests was efficiency and benefit of integrated solutions that help reduce time and costs invested in communication processes within managed organizations.

Polycom – world leader in solutions for unified communications and collaboration, as well as in telepresence solutions, video and audio conferences.

Microsoft – the greatest company that produces software, services and Internet technologies for personal computers and for business.