DAAC System Integrator - Partner of the "Modern Management Technologies" Group and Official Business Studio Dealer

DAAC System Integrator - Partner of the "Modern Management Technologies" Group and Official Business Studio Dealer
DAAC System Integrator became partner of the "Modern Technologies of Management" Group and received the status of the official dealer for sales of the Business Studio business modeling system.

Every manager or business analyst knows this firsthand. In practice, many are already faced with the fact that making decisions about any change in the company - whether it is optimization of activities, creation of a department or the introduction of an information system - requires an analysis of relationships with all elements. And those who participated in the creation of a new business, remember that this project is very similar to a long run with obstacles. Why is this happening?
The fact is that no one person is able to keep in mind the full structure of the company with the detail necessary to make accurate informed decisions. The company, as a system, is too complicated for this. Attempting to ignore its complexity and make decisions based on only part of the factors or intuition, is like a game of roulette.
What is the way out? Obviously, in order to “see” a company as a whole, its “drawing” is needed, as well as, for example, an architect needs a drawing of a building. The creation of such a “drawing” of a company is called “business modeling”, and the drawing itself is called “business architecture”.

Business modeling has a single goal - creating an effective business. In this case, business modeling solves the following tasks:
• To give a detailed idea of ​​the company's device to all interested parties;
• Ensure the creation of an optimal business architecture;
• To form requirements for information systems;
• Provide employees with a knowledge base containing algorithms and working methods.
Business Studio is designed specifically to create business architecture as easily as possible. In addition, it allows you to solve related problems of business optimization and its continuous development.
Thus, Business Studio supports the full cycle of creating an effective company management system.

• Formalization of the strategy and control of its achievement
• Modeling and optimization of business processes
• Designing organizational structure and staffing
• Regulation of activities: development of regulations and their distribution among employees
• Implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the ISO standard
• Formation of Terms of Reference and support for the implementation of information systems.

• Implementation of the process approach;
• Methodical advice on the use of Business Studio;
• Building a quality management system using Business Studio;
• Designing the company's business architecture in Business Studio;
• Development of regulations;
• Development of a balanced scorecard (BSC);
• Development of technical tasks for automating business processes;
• Development of templates of regulations and reports

DAAC System Integrator employs certified business modeling professionals with experience in various market segments.