DAAC System Integrator and Cisco organized a Scottish-style InfoSec conference

DAAC System Integrator and Cisco organized a Scottish-style InfoSec conference

More than 40 IT specialists from the largest Moldovan companies met at a conference on information security called "Trends, Fun, Techno and Whisky", organized by DAAC System Integrator and Cisco.

The participants learned about global trends in all IT spheres and the impact they are going to have in the near future. Separately, the importance of information security has been stressed, a direction that has been approached by DAAC System Integrator for more than 10 years. Customers have tested their expertise in information security, gaining experience from information security expert Pavel Rodionov of Cisco.

According to him, the countries of Eastern Europe have recently faced numerous cyber attacks, some serious enough, which created great difficulties for the IT specialists, but at the same time motivated them to create new mechanisms that would ensure better information security. We talked about WannaCry, Petya, Bad Rabbit and others.

In the context of accelerating cyber attacks and increasing data protection requirements at the national level, DAAC System Integrator created this year's Information Security Center, which offers a comprehensive spectrum of solutions in this area: current status audit, risk minimization consultations, implementation protection technologies and real-time status monitoring. DAAC System Integrator organizes each year a set of conferences, seminars and free trainings for holders of critical data in order to help improve the level of preparedness to combat external attacks and information leakage from within.