Alexandru Savinov, Head of Sales Office I am fascinated by IT since I was a kid. The first computers I had the chance to sit at was the model Compaq Deskpro 8086, which was already considered old fashioned at that time. Simple games or helping my father at text typing. The information that I received at school at the computer lessons was not enough, so that I took long time additional programming courses. As I was 14 years old, together with a friend, we created our own local network, selling internet access. Although we hadn’t competitors in the area, besides Dial-up connections, I understood very well how difficult it is to convince the customer, even if you have a better product.

After graduating from high school in 2006, I enrolled in part-time studies at the Faculty of Information Technology at the Technical University of Moldova and, at the same time, I took an internship at DAAC System Integrator, as a system engineer. Already after two months, I noticed that the practical knowledge received at work is more imporant than theory. The company regularly conducted trainings and certifications. After one year I was offered the position of Presales Manager, but soon I began to deal with small sales. The initiative was observed and after one year I became a Sales Manager.

One of the main advantages of this job I consider to be the variety of projects: data networks, server platforms, software solutions. Since 2012 I am specialized in the area of banking technologies. It wasn’t easy to understand how everything works, but thanks to the support of my colleagues, partners and the courses I took, I got involved rapidly and I liked it. Big projects allowed me to get the position of Senior Sales Manager in December 2012. In September 2013 I was offered the position of Head of Sales Office.
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